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We enjoy fine food and good wines and would like to spread Scandinavian delicacies and culture to the world!

– specialities from Scandinavia –

  • Kalix Löjrom, Caviar from Kalix, Norrland, SE

  • Smoked Salmon, SE

  • Warm Smoked Salmon,SE

  • Shrimps, MSC, SE

  • Herring; Matjes and classic Varieties

  • Game Meat from Elk and Reindeer, SE

  • Västerbotten Ost (cheese from the Västerbotten in Sweden)

  • Cloudberry Jam

  • Lingonberries Jam

  • Fingersalt from Falksalt

  • “Pepparkakor” classic Swedish Gingerbread

  • Salty liquorice

  • Crisp bread stone oven baked

  • Strong sweet mustard

  • Polarbread, thin soft Ryebread from Sweden

  • Kullamust Apple Juice

  • Swedish Beer, Mariestad

  • Linie Aquavit

– our homemade products –

from high quality, 100% natural ingredients

  • Large amount of Cinnamon Rolls, please pre order

  • Muffins

  • Rye bread, pre order

  • Scones, pre order

  • Müesli

  • Knäckebröd, Crips Bread with high amount of seeds.

  • Cookies

  • “Cinnamon Biscuits"

– did you know? – 

Kalix Löjrom, Kaisermaräne

(Coregonus albula) from Kalix, Sweden

Kalix Bleak Roe is called the red Gold of Bothnian Bay (Bottenviken). We sell authentic Kalix Löjrom fished from the cold brackish waters of Bottenviken by Magnus Persson, a certified Löjrom fisher from Kalix.


Persson Brothers are well known for the high quality of their products. They grew up with Löja fishing and started to fish themselves in the late 1980’s. Persson Brothers have a very good reputation in the gastronomy business and their Löjrom has often been served at the famous Nobel Prize dinner held in November every year in Stockholm

Ingredients: Löjrom and Salt.

Nutrition Information per 100g:

Energy (kJ/kcal): 527/126, Protein: 24.5g, Fat: 2.3g,


Carbohydrates: 1.5g, Salt: 4.3g

Handling Information: Löjrom can be thawed and refrozen without any health and quality concerns.

Meat from Reindeer and Elk


We are proud importers of all game meat that we offer in our store. We buy directly from the producer, which leads to transparency and quality assurance.

We offer meat from Reindeer, coming from the very old northern traditional Reindeer breeding. Reindeer Meat is smoked, cured or dried and has a very pure taste.

We offer Elk meat as “Tjälknöl” a delicacy made by cooking the meat very slowly according to a special recipe from Swedish Lapland. We also offer cold smoked Elkmeat.

Game meat is very lean and is a good source of minerals. It is absolutely free from antibiotics or hormones.


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